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VISION247 launches global OTT streaming platform ONEHUBTV

The website for OneHubTV, Vision247’s unique global OTT video streaming platform went live worldwide on Thursday 10th September 2020 with over 80+ channels from launch. The platform not only showcases an extensive and exciting variety of international streaming linear TV channels and on-demand video content, it also offers unlimited audience-growth opportunities to content owners looking for a very cost-effective solution to broadcast and monetise their content on a global scale.

OneHubTV offers subscribers 3 plans; a Hub Go free plan consisting of 10 channels, a Hub Premium plan which currently offers 30+Live Channels plus exclusive SVOD Channels, and a Hub Channels plan offering over 30+ Individual live and SVOD International Channels (priced separately by individual content providers). OneHubTV content partners include Times Now, Young Hollywood, CNN, Times Now, Mobibase, FilmHub, Bloomberg, Insight TV, OAN Encore, NovoComedy, Island TV, Demand Africa, Alaraby, Syria TV, B4U, Gem TV, Arise News, Planet Eat, Body In Balance, Euro News, Gusto, Africa News, and many more. The platform is expanding rapidly and plans to double its content offering which spans across a diverse mix of Movies, Music, News, Sports, Adventure, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle & Travel, Fashion, Educational, and Kids content, before Christmas.

At Vision247 we envisage our OneHubTV product will be one of the fastest-growing streaming platforms in the world, our aim is to make it the most diverse, welcoming, innovative and accessible platforms.

Doris Ojo, CEO of Vision247, technology provider behind OneHubTv said:

“OneHubTV offers an ultimate entertainment experience targeted at Generation X-ers and Millennials in diaspora communities worldwide, offering them access to linear TV and on-demand content from any region around the world. We believe that people preserve a sense of home no matter where they end up living, so there will be something for everyone as we reconnect them with the TV they know plus more. We want our audiences to feel at home whenever and wherever they are watching OneHubTV.

Our vision is to deliver fantastic quality and diverse content from across the globe to homes all over the world via the most welcoming, innovative, and accessible platform. The OneHubTV platform is now making that vision a reality and we are thrilled to have so many partners onboard at the start of this amazing endeavour. We look forward to adding more fantastic programming to the over 80 channels we have started with, so we can provide an even better viewing experience on OneHubTV, she added.”

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