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Supreme Master Television launched on Freeview

London, 18 of February – Vision247 launches Supreme Master Television on Freeview 264.Supreme Master Television is a worldwide non-profit channel broadcasting in 25 languages.

The inspiration behind this channel is Supreme Master Ching Hai, a world renowned spiritual Teacher, humanitarian and author. Supreme Master Television’s colorful array of uplifting programs comprises a range of genres, from entertainment and film, to news and documentaries, lifestyle and culture, with new and meaningful shows continually added to the eclectic show line-up. From on-location broadcasts of peace-building events, to interviews with presidents, celebrities and the extraordinary works of ordinary people, Supreme Master Television is a bridge for understanding and sharing the world’s cultures.

VisionTV is an OTT service powered by UK’s broadcast and OTT service provider Vision247. It’s a multi-channel portal available on Freeview channel 264, has its own genre menu and gathered 40 TV channels from around the world. Some of the channels are distributed in the UK exclusively on VisionTV including Deutsche Welle English, Fashion TV, Times Now and many others. Vision247 is using the most innovative OTT technology to deliver TV content to Freeview at a fraction of the cost to broadcasters. VisionTV is also available online , mobile apps VisionTV UK and EETV set-top boxes.


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