Xtreme Platform

Xtreme is our end to end, comprehensive and scalable OTT video platform delivering high quality video to audiences around the world. With Xtreme you can send your content to anyone on any connected device.

Our online video platform contains various tools and functionalities which enable you to have complete control and flexibility when streaming to viewers, putting you in charge of your content.

Linear Streaming

Xtreme will deliver your linear channel to any connected device

On Demand

Xtreme will host your on demand content and stream to the viewer when requested

Catch-Up TV

Xtreme will record your channel and make programmes available to viewers to catch up later

Stay connected to your viewers Online, Mobile Phone & Tablet, OTT boxes and more!

Xtreme allows you to add distribution platforms and reach new audiences as your channel expands and grows. It will ensure that your content reaches the viewer’s device at the right time, in the correct format. We utilise an adaptive multi-bitrate output so the viewer will get the best quality service for their internet connection.
Web portal
The online home of your content. The online portal can facilitate a playlist schedule, meaning you can create online linear channels from on demand assets.The website can also host a selection of banner advertising.
Phone & Tablet Apps

Don’t let your viewers miss out when they are on the move. Xtreme can send your content to mobile phone and tablet apps. Vision247 have white label video apps for Android and iOS, ready to be branded, for quick and seamless start to mobile and tablet broadcasting.Or we can create a new front end based on your requirements.

OTT Set-top Boxes
With a surge in popularity, there are now a number of consumer OTT boxes on themarket. Xtreme’s adaptability ensures that we can deliver your content in the video and file format requested by the OTT platform. For an efficient and cost effective introduction to OTT delivery, Vision247 have a white label app for the Roku platform.
Smart TVs
The number of connected TVs is growing on a daily basis. Xtreme can deliver content to Smart TV applications. Vision247 have a white label app ready to roll out on Samsung, Apple and Android smart TVs.
The introduction of ‘Connected Freeview’ (Freeview via IP) means that channels can get onto the Freeview platform for a fraction of the price of Freeview via DTT. Using Xtreme we deliver TV channels to connected Freeview onto their own channel numbers and also Vision operates it’s own Freeview portal with a genre menu and over 40 TV channels on it.
Content Source

Xtreme will accept content from virtually any source, including:

  • Playout Servers
  • Satellite Downlink
  • Fibre/Public Internet
  • Media Server (VoD)

It will then prepare and distribute the content as a linear stream or host the media in your on demand library.

Administration Module

The control centre for your content.With the administration module you can:

  • Publish/Unpublish streams
  • Upload EPG metadata
  • Choose streaming protocols
  • Manage user database
  • Manage media library


Maximise the value of your content and help drive results with insight provided by our online video platform reporting system. This module provides the following reports:

  • Bandwidth/transit reports
  • Streaming reports
  • Web stats reports
  • Revenue reports
  • User statements

Pay Systems

Pay Wizard


Geo Blocking, with optional whitelist for specific IP addresses (for monitoring etc.)

Live channel Playback

  • Single line EPG (under a video player)
  • Full EPG
  • Catch Up (duration is configurable)
  • Chromecast playback from IOS and Android apps

VOD Playback

  • Trailers
  • VOD sorting by name, top rated, most recent, can be configured upon request
  • VOD genres
  • VOD categorised in Seasons and series
  • Social Media sharing
  • Ratings
  • Multiple users
  • Multiple languages
  • 3rd party URLs

About us

Vision247 is the most innovative broadcast services provider in the UK. We provide TV channels with complete end-to-end playout and broadcast services as well as full range of internet and OTT solutions including smart TV and mobile applications. Vision247 offers everything you need to launch and successfully run your TV channel. 

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