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Politics Punjab launches on Sky with Vision247

Politics Punjab have selected Vision247 as their official media service provider to stream their channel on Sky. Vision247 will be delivering OTT playout services, enabling Politics Punjab’s audience to view their content on Sky channel 774.

“Our main goal is to inform the public about world news, mainly focusing on Punjab. We pride ourselves on being truthful, independent, and impartial. We object to deliver the best programming using the best equipment and technology.”  – Mr Shing, Politics Punjab’s CEO.

Politics Punjab TV informs its audience about World News, coverage of community events, and act upon the core values and ideology of the first Sikh guru: Guru Nanak Dev Ji. As Politics Punjab is the first UK Punjab television channel, selecting the right broadcasting service provider was vital in their decision making; Vision247’s record of successful TV Channel launch expertise played a massive part in Politics Punjab TV’s final choice.

Vision247 are delighted to work in partnership and honoured to be delivering media and streaming services for Politics Punjab TV.

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