The ‘Ultimate Entertainment Experience’ at your fingertips.

Set to launch on the 3rd August 2020, ONEHUBTV is a unique OTT platform offering viewers the ‘Ultimate Entertainment Experience’ across internationalmarkets. With purpose of allowing content providers to distribute all their content through the platform, and giving viewers to access to their favourite content from any location in the world.

ONEHUBTV will provide 80 channels at launch with the aim to increase to 300+ channels within 12 months from launch. The platform features a Hub Go freeregistration plan, a Hub Premium subscription package and a Hub Channels package that allows subscribers to access exclusive individual channel brands.Curated by language ONEHUBTV covers News, General Entertainment, Lifestyle & Travel, Health & Fitness, History, Education, Fashion, Sports, Movies andKids content.


Hub Go
– 10 Free to Air Channels
FREE (with registration)

Hub Premium (English)
– 30 Linear Channels
+ 10 Exclusive SVOD Channels

Subscription (fixed prices across 3 currencies, GBP £5.49, EU €6.49 and US $6.99)

Hub Channels
– 30 Individual SVOD International Channels
Subscription (priced separately by individual channel brands)

ONEHUBTV has been developed to help drive subscribers to watch our partners’ content, anywhere and at any time, via multiple devices including Phone(iOS & Android apps), Tablet, Laptop, and Smart TV apps. Platform features include LIVE, VOD and CATCH-UP content to meet both our clients’ and viewers’

Our USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for Content Providers includes; Global Reach, Enhanced Viewership and Reporting via Data Analytics, and a Full TechnicalService Provision. The USP for Subscribers features User Flexibility and access to Exclusive Content, in different languages from any location in the world.

Created with our Content Providers in mind, ONEHUBTV has been maximised to be adjustable to individual channels, where VISION247 will manage, distributeand monetise content.

ONEHUBTV’s Revenue Formula for Content Providers; Net receipt equals gross less 15% after Revenue share model 55% to the content provider and 45% to Vision247.

So if you would like to hear more information about how to distribute all your video content through ONEHUBTV, and understand more about your audience’sexperience through viewer data, get in touch now via our website chat service or you can email our Sales Team:

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