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IPTV Platform & CDN Services

We can connect you to anyone anywhere, our presence in the major London data centres combined with our global network partners allows us to physically interconnect with any IPTV operator via fibre, copper or facility line. If a dedicated interconnection is not required, then we can provide any push or pull stream as a secure contribution feed, online to any CDN or IPTV ingest point.

Vision247 became one of the first members of SRT (Secure Reliable Transport Stream) Alliance. SRT Protocol was specifically designed for delivering live video across unmanaged networks such as the public internet. We believed from the beginning that SRT would become the most widely used protocol for broadcast feed contribution, and now we are using internally developed tools for sending and receiving SRT feeds over the internet for 24/7 satellite channel services, saving our clients huge satellite and fibre contribution costs.

Our end-to-end streaming platforms include our private CDN which provides fast delivery of your content to your target audience. Guaranteeing low latency and seamless streaming to OTT video applications and websites anywhere in the world. Employing Anycast BGP and Anycast DNS we can provide maximum availability, with automatic failover to the closest POP in case of interruption, ultra-low-latency and complete flexibility.

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