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• Reach your community living in the UK via the most popular platform
• Quick channel launch process – less than 2 weeks
• No license required for non-EU channels from January 2016
• Cost-effective
• Monthly reports on the viewership
• Connect the community to their home
• Delivered alongside other national broadcasters

We can deliver your channel to over 11 million connected Freeview screens at a fraction of the cost – via IP. No additional software or hardware required by the viewer; any compatible, connected TV can already receive Freeview IP channels.

Vision 247 is an official playout and EPG service provider for SKY and Freeview in the UK. We are also connected to all the major global uplink providers; thus, providing you with a neutral location in the UK from which you can distribute your channel without being tied to any specific uplink provider. This is essential to ensure that your negotiation position remains strong when buying satellite capacity and choosing the best uplink provider for your TV channel.

We can supply you with your channel number (LCN) on the Freeview EPG where you can have either one TV channel or a bouquet of TV channels. Or we can add your TV channel to our Freeview platform Vision TV, via UK mobile apps and desktop.

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