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New Media HD Launches on Sky with Vision247

Vision247 is pleased to announce that we are providing complete HD broadcast services for New Media HD. The channel “New Media HD” will be launching on Sky live from the 6th of December 2021, in Sky EPG number 598.

Vision247 will be providing HD playout services, including live broadcast links from New Media HD studio and other worldwide locations, HD signal delivery to UK Uplink Teleport, and Channel Presentation Scheduling, alongside other broadcasting services. Vision247 have also provided New Media HD with consultancy services, engineering support, studio equipment recommendations, end-to-end system design and Training.

The channel aims to herald the redemptive work of Christ by illuminating the world with the glorious light of God’s Word. Some of the programs that will be airing on the New Media HD channel include programs from the Christian Broadcasting Network such as the 700 club, Christian World News, Superbook and much more. It will also contain teaching programs from renowned world preachers and best-selling authors.

“It has been an exciting time working with New Media HD for the past few months, and we are excited for the launch on Sky. We aim to continue to provide them with the best HD Broadcasting services that Vision247 has to offer.”
CEO – Doris Ojo

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