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JMLdirect is now available on Freeview 264

London, 28 November 2018 – in time for Christmas shopping Vision247 added a new teleshopping channel JMLdirect to its multichannel portal VisionTV.

JMLdirect is part of JML, a global operation with international distribution and presence in over 70 countries. Over the last three decades JML has become one of the nation’s favourite brands and a world leader in retail screen promotions and TV home shopping.

VisionTV is a portal with nearly 40 TV channels covering the news in multiple languages, entertainment, sports and life style. The portal is available via Freeview 264, desktop, mobile apps VisionTV UK and EETV set-top boxes. You can find JML direct in TV Mall section of the portal alongside with other teleshopping channels such as Best Direct and Jewellery Channel.


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