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Content Distribution

VISION247’S content distribution services allow us to deliver digital content and TV channels anywhere in the world via satellite, fibre and online through our POPs and extensive connectivity to all major teleports. We always use technology (such as SRT Protocol specifically designed for delivering live video across unmanaged networks such as the public internet). Our dynamic global distribution services are the most efficient and cost-effective making us highly competitive in today’s market.

We can encode your live TV channel or VOD content into any format, and stream in any protocol for delivery in any application or third party CDN for onward distribution.

Our Satellite Uplink/Download Signal and Turnaround services, enable us to downlink a satellite signal from anywhere in the world.

The dish farm located on top of our playout centre in London can downlink from any satellite footprint. Consisting of 18x120M satellite antennas covering all orbital positions available in Europe, allowing us to bring feeds from any TV channel to our facility for further distribution.

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