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EPG Brokers / Regulatory Compliance

The Vision247 team has extensive experience in the sale and transfer of Sky EPGs, having handled deals for many international multi-channel broadcasters to individual one-off new channels. Our knowledge and experience enable us to ensure you pay or receive a fair market price for your EPG. We make sure the transfer process is managed effectively, and in line with Sky requirement and timescales.

Furthermore, we can assist in operating “barker” channels if you are not ready to launch your own service upon completion of the EPG transfer, since we provide broadcast services including scheduling, playout, MCR monitoring etc. We are also the only UK EPG broker, who can provide you with distribution on Connected Freeview, via our own dedicated portal on Freeview channel 264.

Before you launch a channel in the UK, you require a suitable license – Vision247 can provide guidance on which license is best suited to your requirements and assist you in securing the license, through completion of relevant application forms to help you set up the right internal compliance structure within your organisation.

We also provide Compliance Training to your team and can assist you in on-going Ofcom annual reporting. As a broadcast service provider, we can also handle your Ofcom regulatory compliance recordings as necessary for each of your feeds\channels.

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