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AlAraby Launches third channel – AlAraby 2 – with Vision 247 on OTT platform ONEHUBTV in effort to expand their content offering

AlAraby Television Network brings diverse content to their new channel, AlAraby 2, which has now launched on ONEHUBTV strengthening their viewership further. In partnership with Vision247, a leading digital communications and managed broadcast service provider based in UK, AlAraby have launched their 3rd subscription channel AlAraby 2 which will sit between its two sister channels on the platform, AlAraby News  & Syria TV in the hub channels category.


AlAraby Television Network first burst onto TV screens in 2015 and now broadcasts from its Doha facility, aiming to bring the best of Arab, global and future focused content to a worldwide audience featuring a large range of content with the arrival of their new channel at the start of 2022, AlAraby 2.   AlAraby aspires to be the voice of its viewers everywhere Presenting the affinity towards ONEHUBTV.  ONEHUBTV offers over 150 live and VOD channels and is targeted at diasporic communities and global audiences giving viewers access to linear TV and on-demand content worldwide.


AAaraby 2 has proven itself agile in its delivery of content, pivoting to share relevant and topical information through fresh original programming. These include Difaf, a daily programme highlighting cultural activities throughout the Arab world as well as international events. Promoting the colours of life AlAraby 2 puts their foot forward to appeal to more vibrant audiences. The content has proven popular across the globe with Arab diaspora communities and many others, providing a comprehensive mix of programming.


OneHUBTV features free and subscription plans across a diverse mix of Entertainment, Movies, Music, News, Sports, Adventure, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle & Travel, Fashion, Educational, and Kids content from around the world, in various languages. The vision of ONEHUBTV is to deliver amazing quality and diverse content from across the globe to homes and devices everywhere. The ONEHUBTV platform also offers media channels and content owners, the opportunity to launch and monetise their content on a global scale. Expanding rapidly, the platform plans to carry over 300 linear and VOD channels by end 2022. ONEHUBTV is available (iOS and Android phones and Smart TV apps, coming June and July 2022 respectively).


Doris Ojo, CEO of Vision247, technology provider behind ONEHUBTV said: “ONEHUBTV is a compelling destination that offers channels many opportunities to connect with their global viewers. ONEHUBTV the ultimate entertainment experience offers access to Linear TV and VOD content now including AlAraby2 whom we are delighted to welcome to the platform and show that our longstanding relationships are integral in providing a varied range of content to our viewers, further extending AlAraby Television Network’s digital presence internationally.


At ONEHUBTV, we believe that people preserve a sense of home wherever they reside, and our aim is to reconnect communities with the content they know, love and trust..”. The ONEHUBTV platform is now making that vision a reality, and we are thrilled to have so many partners on board.”


Vision247 is a leading digital communications and managed broadcast service provider with over 18 years’ experience in the industry, offering state-of-the-art infrastructure, in-house technology, multi-CDN with over 500 POPs worldwide and its very own Xtreme streaming solution. Their portfolio of services includes: Content Management & Play-out, Content Distribution, OTT and IPTV Platforms, Studio and Data Centre Facilities, Consultancy & Development. VISION247 also provides a one-stop service to a broad range of global customers in the media industry across Broadcast and Streaming services, delivering and distributing digital content for brands that want to grow their audiences across every device, while ensuring it is optimised and monetised, as well as owning and operating 2 OTT platforms: Vision TV (a Free-to-Air platform available on Freeview, OTT, Web & Apps) and ONEHUBTV.


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