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Industry leading online video platform, end-to-end solution for IP Television and OTT TV.

Our XtremeIPTV online video platform provides the most comprehensive feature-set, delivering high quality online video streaming to audiences around the world. With our online video platform you can broadcast to anyone on any device. Our online video platform contains various tools and functionality, which enable you to have complete flexibility when streaming content to users.


XtremeIPTV™ Content Management System Features Summary

The Xtreme IPTV CMS has a host of features, allowing the user complete control over their media content, all the way from item creation to publication.Now you can oversee content upload, metadata managing and content publishing; create and import interactive or linear schedules and EPGs; customize media items, set pricing or subscription where necessary, publish across all platforms in all possible bitrates. Our CMS provides you with a complete, end-to-end solution for content distribution on a multi-faceted platform. The CMS of our online video platform is full of convenient features:

Live stream media item key features:

  • Parallel support for VC1 WMV and H264 TS, HLS and Flash
  • Multibitrate encoding with synchronised I-frames, up to 16 outputs per each input
  • Up to 6 streams per each streaming protocol – Full HD, HD, SD, Half SD, Quarter SD and Audio only)
  • Source signal error detection with failover
  • Live stream recording with auto VOD publishing for catch-up TV (auto PVR)
  • EPG import with support for 10,000 content items (can be increased if required)

On Demand Broadcast (ODB) media item key features:

  • Broadcast quality playout
  • Broadcast type schedule import with support for time code and 10,000 content items (can be increased if required)
  • Auto scheduling – channel media library can be automatically played out as a linear channel
  • Auto EPG creation
  • Scheduled playout can be executed as:
    • Linear channel (on demand playout disabled)
    • Catch-up TV (only backward on demand playout is enabled)
    • Fully interactive (EPG catch-up and forward on demand playout is enabled)

Media library key features:

  • Full MRSS metadata implementation expanded with extra tags to accommodate traditional broadcast requirements
  • Broadcast type playlists with time-code mark-in/out
  • EPG RSS feeds
  • Media library updates via RSS feeds
  • Per item pricing and security
  • Auto metadata ingest

VOD media item key features:

  • Transcoding to VC1 WMV and to H264 MP4 and TS files
  • Hosting with parallel support for VC1 WMV and H264 TS and MP4
  • Multibitrate encoding with synchronised I frames (5 files – Full HD, HD, SD, Half SD and Quarter SD per each file type)
  • Automated batch processing

XtremeIPTV™ Content Delivery System Features Summary

XtremeCDN provides high quality online video streaming and, above all, delivers a fast and reliable service alongside support for multiple protocols and codecs. Our content delivery network is the very cornerstone of our online video platform and includes:

Support for multiple protocols and codecs:

  • RTSP H264
  • HTTP H264 MS Smooth Streaming (Silverlight)
  • HLS H264 – HTTP Live Streaming (iOS and QuickTime Adaptive Streaming)
  • RTMP H264 Flash
  • UDP/RTP H264 MPEG2 Transport Stream
  • HTTP MP4 and WMV Progressive Download (Pseudo Streaming)

Content security module supports:

  • Whitelisting (referrer authorisation)
  • Session ID (registration status, wallet balance, subscriptions, content rights)
  • HMAC DRM (private key or public key)
  • Proprietary DRM optional (i.e. Verimatrix)
  • Geo IP (DVD regions and individual countries are supported)

XtremeIPTV™ Subscriber/User Registration Module Features Summary

Our online video platform allows easy management of subscribers and registration, for a seamless customer service experience.

Registration key features:

  • Registration without email confirmation
  • Registration via email confirmation
  • Back-end presets for user registration required fields (YOB, Profession, Gender …)
  • Front-end user profile edit
  • Front-end user transaction statements
  • New user promotions

XtremeIPTV™ Payment Module Features Summary

XtremeIPTV equips you with all the necessary tools to get the very best out of your content. Firstly, we believe you should be able to maximise the value of your programming, and support the monetising of content through our various features. With our online video platform you can choose from any of our credit or subscription based options – including pay as you go, pay per view, and recurring monthly subscriptions.

Support for multiple gateways:

  • WorldPay
  • Click and Buy
  • Cash U (scratch card cash payments)
  • PayPal
  • PayWizard
  • Global Pay
  • Private vouchers generator
  • Plugin architecture allows easy third party payment gateway integration

Support for multiple billing schemas:

  • PPV (per item billing)
  • PPV per second billing (pay as you go)
  • Recurring monthly subscription
  • Prepaid subscription (1 day, 3 days, Week, Month, 3 months)

XtremeIPTV™ Reporting Module Features Summary

Maximise the value of your content, and help drive results with insightful details provided by our online video platform reporting system. This module provides the following reports:

Reporting Key Features:

  • Bandwidth/transit reports
  • Streaming reports
  • Web stats reports
  • Revenue reports
  • User statements

XtremeIPTV™ Administration Module Features Summary

Control and configure all elements of your online video operation via comprehensive administration module:

Administration Key Features:

  • Administrators and groups permissions
  • Data management with backup/restore
  • Domain redirector
  • Servers and GSLB clusters
  • Payment gateway presets
  • MRSS template presets
  • Reports preferences
  • Codec profiles presets
  • Syndicated player templates
  • Content categories/genres presets

XtremePlayer™ Features Summary

XtremePlayer utilises the latest in Flash and Silverlight technology (with HTML5 roll-over) in order to deliver high-quality online video streaming, and conveniently allows you to control viewer experience as well as enhance the monetisation of your content.

Flash and Silverlight player with easy to configure support for:

  • Playback using HTTP and RTMP protocols with HTML5 roll-over
  • Control panel overlay
  • Picture quality bitrate selector, manual and auto mode
  • Logo overlay
  • Subtitles overlay
  • Tracking codes i.e. Google analytics
  • VAST-compliant ad server communication
  • VAST-compliant tracking of video ad performance
  • All main ad serving platforms are supported, including OpenX, ADTECH, 24/7 Real Media, DoubleClick, ScanScout, Microsoft and more
  • Overlay advertising using Images, Flash, Text or HTML
  • Playback of broadcast style playlists with mark-in/mark-out support, enabling seamless in-stream ad insertion without a need to splice the video files
  • Playlists can be synchronised to world time, meaning playout execution is per broadcast schedule standard, meaning all users accessing the playlist will watch the same point in the playout schedule
  • Support for secondary/backup CDN can be configured to roll over to backup CDN or can be run in parallel over multiple CDNs
These features of our online video platform put it above any others platforms in the market.

SuperVision™ Stream Monitoring System Features Summary

Global stream monitoring of any stream type for continuity with signal quality analysis and error alerts:

Stream Monitoring Key Features:

  • Support for MPEG-2 TS, H-264 TS/HLS/RTSP/RTMP and VC1 WMV/Silverlight
  • Low audio level (silence) detection with user preset for audio level and tolerable duration before alarm sounds
  • High audio level detection with user preset for audio level and tolerable duration before alarm sounds
  • Black detection with user preset for black frame surface area, brightness level and tolerable black duration before alarm sounds
  • Freeze frame detection with user preset for tolerable freeze duration before alarm sounds
  • Stream interruption - loss of data alarm
  • Status/error messages can be custom preset
  • Email and audio alarm enable/disable presets

SuperVision is our latest product to be added to the XtremeIPTV online video platform feature set. It allows reliable monitoring of all streams.

XtremeApps™ Features Summary

The XtremeIPTV online video platform provides a flexible API to drive your channel or website interface. The XtremeApps collection includes full functionality for TV/VOD in-browser portals and a number of video player applications which are available for rapid client deployment by simply rebranding the GUI skins.

XtremeApps™ collection of apps currently includes:

  • iOS apps for iPhone and iPad
  • Android apps for phone, pad and Google TV
  • Connected TV apps for Freeview HD devices
  • Media streamer apps for Boxee and Roku
  • Smart TV apps for Samsung and LG
  • Connected TV app for HbbTV devices will be released in Q4 2012
  • Blackberry app will be released in Q4 2012
  • Windows 8 app for desktop, phone, pad and X-Box will be released in Q4 2012

XtremeIPTV’s online video platform enables you to broadcast your content however you’d like. Our content management and delivery system, as well as reporting and stream monitoring modules, should contain everything you need from an online video platform, providing you with the most comprehensive toolset available on the market.

For more information on XtremeIPTV online video platform download the XtremeCDN whitepaper.

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